Enrollment and Retirement Planning

Without a successful communication and enrollment program, no employee benefit program will be well received or accepted. At Stanley Benefit Services, we understand that effective communication is of the utmost importance. That's why we have our own staff of professional enrollment counselors to personally meet with your employees to communicate your employee benefits.

With any employee benefit plan, your employees' understanding and acceptance is critical. Our enrollment staff will assist you in implementing any new plan design, plan provisions, or changes in your existing design. Furthermore, we will establish set schedules to assist with periodic re-enrollments and plan changes.

Continuing employee education regarding your company's benefit package is something we take very seriously. Because of this ongoing need, we offer employee seminars on such topics as pre-retirement planning, financial planning, investment counseling and other related planning topics.

All of our presenters are educated and informed in the retirement plan field and are securities licensed. Stanley Benefit Services will provide:

  • On-site meetings
  • Personalized enrollment forms
  • Investment education materials
  • Information on investments offered in your plan
  • Risk/Tolerance questionnaire
  • Sample asset allocation models based on plan's investment options
  • Retirement planning worksheet/booklet
  • Customized plan summary brochures

We pride ourselves on being able to take a difficult subject and explain it in such a way that your employees will understand. On many occasions, we have had participants compliment us by saying, "This is the best 401(k) meeting we've ever had."

Actuaries. Consultants. Administrators.