Benefit Communications

Employee benefits take on greater value when they are understood and appreciated by your employees. Considering that a competitive benefit package can average 35% to 40% of annual payroll, it is vitally important that the value of these benefits be properly communicated to and understood by your employees.

Our Personalized Benefit Statements are an excellent tool to maximize awareness of the benefit packages provided to your employees. Communicating the value of fringe benefits is only one part of a complete employee benefit communications package. We offer a complete line of communication services including:

  • Policy and Procedures Manuals
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Financial Planning Seminars
  • Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars

Our dedicated Enrollment Team is there not only to initially communicate and enroll an employee’s benefit plan, but also to provide ongoing benefit education, re-enrollment and employee benefit seminars.

With years of experience in Human Resource Management, we are uniquely qualified to help increase employee morale and benefit appreciation with a well-designed communication package.

Click here to view samples of our printed and online communications materials.

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