Securing Your Data

The Benny Card Our clients and their employees entrust us with sensitive information every day, and we take every possible precaution to justify their trust. The data we process is often subject to laws such as HIPPA, HITECH, FACTA, as well as state and other regulatory requirements.

As part of our commitment to securely handling this data, we engage an outside firm to perform an annual SOC audit of our internal processes. This SOC audit provides independent assurance that the methods we use to handle our clients’ data meets or exceeds industry standards for security.

Our clients and their employees can help protect their own data as well by following several simple steps:

Do not email sensitive data

Emails sent over the public internet generally do not employ sufficient encryption and can easily be intercepted and read by a third party.

Do not use FTP unless you take additional security measures

The FTP protocol does not provide any protection against the transmission being intercepted and read. FTP can be used, but you must employ an additional measure of protection such as PGP encryption of the file.

Use a secure upload method

We provide a secure upload site you may use to transfer sensitive files to us. This is an easy point and click upload form that most of our clients prefer. If you have special needs such as SFTP or FTPS, HTTPS transfer, file transfer automation, etc., our security team will work with you to set up a secure data connection that will work for you. Please contact your service representative for details.

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